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The ACP team leverages extensive experience and institutional expertise in renewable energy, energy transmission and storage, public policy, and advocacy to advance clean power in the United States. Together, we are working to grow and support America鈥檚 clean energy economy.

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Brian Krevor

Senior Director, Offshore Permitting and Environmental Policy

The headshot for Brian Krevor, ACP's Senior Director of Offshore Permitting and Environmental Policy.

Maurice Moss

Senior Director, Central Regional Electricity & Transmission Policy

black and white headshot of Maurice Moss

Sam Ramsey

Deputy Director, Safety, Workforce Training & Operations

White 麻豆区 Logo on a Black Background.

Josh Rogers

Senior Director, Safety, Workforce Training and Operations

The headshot of Josh Rogers, ACP's Director of Safety, Workforce Training and Operations.

MJ Shiao

Vice President, Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Headshot of MJ Shiao, ACP's Vice President of Supply Chain & Manufacturing.

Laura Wilson Phelan

Chief Strategy and Program Officer, Clean Power Institute (CPI) and Senior Vice President of Strategy, ACP

Headshot of Laura Wilson Phelan, ACP's Vice President of Strategy & Leadership.
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